All about the iPad 8, Apple's cheap tablet in 2020 — 2022

Apple continues with its commitment to launch cheap tablets on the market, but with more than enough features for a majority. Precisely this wide-ranging approach to the public and its price make the eighth-generation iPad a candidate to take over the top sales positions around the world. In this article we analyze this device launched by Apple in 2020.

Something important about the name

Apple product naming can sometimes be confusing, especially if you're not familiar with it. Although some products like the iPhone add numbers to their name with each version, the same does not happen with the iPad. At least in recent years. That is why we would like to point out that this device is officially called iPad. Without more, iPad to dry. To differentiate it from previous and future generations, it can be called iPad 8, eighth generation iPad, iPad 2020, student iPad accompanied by 8 or 2020. The latter is due to the fact that it is very focused on children or university audiences.

Apple iPad family

To put this device a little more in context, we leave you a list of Apple iPads ordered from lowest to highest price (and features).

  • iPad (this one we are talking about).
  • iPad mini*
  • iPad Air.
  • iPad Pro.

*The iPad mini really is in a somewhat strange niche right now for its price range and features. In any case, that's another story and we understand that you've come this far so that we can talk about the iPad just plain.

A classic design that sounds like us (and a lot)

If you're familiar with Apple's tablet range, you probably won't be too surprised by this iPad. Not much has changed compared to what the company has been establishing throughout its history. But is this necessarily a negative point? In our opinion, it is not, as we will detail in the following sections.

Continuing aesthetic line

A lot has happened since that day in January 2010 when the legendary Steve Jobs let the world see the first iPad. Back then it was almost a revolutionary device, although not as revolutionary as the iPhone. Its design has really changed little in these years, having a body made of aluminum or steel materials, with rounded corners and a front part in which the frames and the Home button have always been present (except for the latest iPad Pro and iPadAir).

iPad 2020

If we see this iPad 2020 and the iPad 2019 we probably couldn't tell them apart. In fact, it doesn't matter if we turn the tablet or measure its size in detail. This device has not evolved in this sense and in fact continues to have the same colors silver, space gray and gold. Although the truth is that perhaps this is not a drama, since after all it is not an unpleasant design either and its materials are of good quality.

Their weight of 490 grams (495 in WiFi + Cellular models) together with dimensions of 25.06 centimeters long, 17.41 wide and 0.75 wide make this a device tremendously portable . Carrying this iPad around the house while enjoying content on it is amazing, but you can also enjoy transporting it on trips by public transport or car, since it does not take up too much space or weigh so much that it becomes tedious.

Display and specifications

ipad 8 screen

Probably the most fundamental part of a tablet is its screen and in this iPad we find an LED panel with IPS technology of 10.2 inches . Their resolution of 2,160 x 1,620 pixels next to the brightness 500 nits are not hair-pulling performance, neither in a good way nor in a bad way.

For practical purposes, this is an iPad that looks really good and is more than large enough to be able to enjoy multimedia content on it with good quality and that can also be used to browse the internet or use office applications without losing sight in the attempt. something that could happen with a smaller iPad.

Touch ID, always reliable

Touch ID iPad

Although technically we could not catalog a fingerprint sensor as an aspect of its design, it is one of the features that is most closely linked to this matter. In this iPad we meet again with the well-known Touch ID system. And it is that, despite the fact that advances in biometric sensors such as Face ID provide a really pleasant and secure experience, the truth is that the fingerprint detector is still a great ally of many. can be configured several footprints , used without looking directly at the iPad and above it serves to prevent people outside of us from accessing the device.

All these features are what have always made the experience of using an iPad or iPhone with this system highly gratifying and the truth is that it does not stop being so in this iPad 2020. There will be situations in which it is not the most comfortable and at certain times it may not work due to a dirty or wet finger, but it is still highly effective in most cases and saves considerable time when it comes to unlock the device , not have to put passwords that we have already saved and even perform Apple Pay payments .

Hardware and important aspects about its performance

In the end, once we have assumed the design of the tablet, it is time to know what it can offer us on a day-to-day basis. How is your battery, how does it behave with heavy apps, what kind of apps are recommended to use... All of this is analyzed in the following points.

A considerable leap at the processor level

Chip a12 bionic

All electronic equipment has its main brain in the processor and this iPad is a A12 Bionic developed by Apple itself and that is the same one that incorporates other devices such as the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. It also has a neural engine that speeds up many processes. Although beyond more technical numbers and figures about its performance, if we stick to the day to day, this iPad is trained for intensive use. Even more so after having made the leap from an A10 Fusion that is two generations behind it.

Obviously this iPad 8 is not a device focused on video editing or tasks with very demanding applications. And it is not really for the rest of the components. Although the A12 will not be the best for heavy tasks, the truth is that it can carry them out with solvency and if heavy tasks are required from time to time in this device, it will comply with it. Although if there is something for which this processor is interesting and it is that portends many years of software updates, so you can enjoy all the new features of iPadOS that are added.

It sucks on camera, but is it important on an iPad?

That a tablet has a camera is very useful for making video calls, enjoying augmented reality video games and little else. However, it is not useful for taking photographs at a more professional level and it is not for the simple fact that its size is not comfortable. That is why perhaps Apple has not wanted to give too many decorations to the cameras of this iPad, although the truth is that what it incorporates is not bad at all.

    Front camera
    • 1.2MP lens.
    • f/2.4 aperture.
    • Flash via screen illumination (Retina Flash).
    • Ability to take Live Photos.
    • Video recording in 720p HD.
    • HDR for photos.
    • Body and face detection.
    • Burst mode.
    • Exposure control.

ipad camera

    Rear camera
    • 8MP lens.
    • f/2.4 aperture.
    • Hybrid infrared filter.
    • Auto focus.
    • HDR for photos.
    • Panoramic photos up to 43 Mpx.
    • Video recording in 1080p HD at 30 f/s.
    • Slow motion recording at 720p HD at 120 f/s.
    • Burst mode.
    • Exposure control.
    • Timer.
    • Body and face detection.

Very fair storage capacities

ipad 8 games

It is true that due to specifications this iPad is intended for a not very demanding public and that they probably use this equipment to consume content and work sporadically with it, but the truth is that in the middle of 2020 that this iPad has been launched, the 32 GB of base that it brings could be insufficient. It is true that resorting to cloud storage services can be corrected, but it is still something to highlight. Without any intermediate capacity, its higher capacity version is of 128 GB . This capacity already seems more than suitable for any computer, although if it had been 256 GB it would have been a success.

Versions also with LTE

iPad LTE

WiFi + Cellular is what Apple calls its tablets with the ability to connect to LTE networks through a data rate. This makes the price more expensive, something that we will see in another section, but it is a more than interesting functionality if this is going to be a device that is used outside the home. In order to take advantage of this function, a data rate must be contracted with a telephone company.

Software and accessories: the perfect sum

We live in a time when iPads are no longer used as much as a large iPhone, something that was said a lot during the first generations. These tablets have evolved and may now be able to replace a computer in many cases, sometimes partially and sometimes completely. This is achieved precisely thanks to excellent software such as iPadOS and an increasingly wide range of accessories.

Accessories compatible with this iPad

There are many accessories compatible with this iPad 8. Officially it has full compatibility with the Apple Pencil first generation and with Apple's Smart Keyboard, a keyboard that connects through the Smart Connector that this device has on one of its sides. It is also with Magic Mouse 2 and with so many other mice and keyboards Bluetooth that we find in the market.

iPad accessories

Regarding accessories like pen drives and external drives It must be said that yes, they can be connected to it, although the speeds and compatibilities are somewhat reduced by having a Lightning connector, which is somewhat behind USB-C and classic USB. In any case there are adapters and devices compatible with it.

A more than worthy operating system

Precisely iPadOS He is a great architect of what we were commenting on about replacing computers. In the year 2019 this operating system was created to differentiate it from the iOS of the iPhone and although aesthetically and functionally they continue to share a lot, the truth is that the exclusivities of this are very striking. For example, having the possibility of having split screen with split view or power use a mouse thanks to the good management of the cursor in these devices.

iPadOS 14 on iPad 8 2020

Also the Files app It is a great asset in these iPads, being able to manage all kinds of files such as documents, photos or videos as if it were a computer. Precisely the low storage capacity of the 32 GB mentioned above collides with this idea, although the most popular cloud storage services such as iCloud Drive, Google Drive or Dropbox can also be synchronized in this application.

Affordable prices for most

Justifying whether the price of a product is high, low or fair is ultimately a tremendously subjective matter. In the end it will depend on how much money each one is willing to spend and if they think the product is worth it or not. Beyond competition on Android, which has much to improve on tablets, this is Apple's cheapest iPad. Their official prices are as follows, although in other stores it is possible that they may have a specific discount.

    iPad WiFi
    • 32 GB: €379 .
    • 128 GB: €479 .
    iPad WiFi + Cellular
    • 32 GB: €519 .
    • 128 GB: €619 It should be noted that Apple offers a program called Trade In in which it is possible trade in an old ipad that, in case of meeting a series of requirements, add a discount on the purchase of this.

ipad 2020 design

Is this iPad recommended? For whom?

Well, as we have already said in several sections, this iPad focuses a lot on an undemanding public. Although we emphasize that this does not mean that it is not an iPad prepared to carry out heavy tasks without this being a routine. For example, for compatible video games it is a suitable device and for which the A12 Bionic chip is more than prepared. Other tasks such as word processing, managing agenda or enjoying video platforms.

If you also have more Apple devices you can take advantage of how well it synchronizes with them to transfer files, view photos and much more. You can enjoy iPadOS in all its glory without having to go to higher prices such as those of the 'Air' and 'Pro' range. Therefore, if your profile complies with what is stated in this article, we certainly highly recommend it.