All about Defending Jacob, the Chris Evans series for Apple TV + — 2022

On April 24, 2020, Defending Jacob premiered on Apple TV+, also known as Defending Jacob for its original English title. This miniseries will have only two seasons based on the homonymous novel by William Landay that places us in an intriguing scenario in which a prosecutor from a small territory in the United States will have to defend his own teenage son accused of murder. An exciting story starring Chris Evans, one of Marvel's popular 'Captain America'.

Production data

An immense team participates in this series, from creatives, directors, technicians, actors and others. Although it is true that it is impossible to name them all, in addition to the fact that not all of them are public, we can tell you in the following sections those that lead the series at both a technical and artistic level.

Who are behind the series?

    Director:Mortem Tyldum. Executive producers:Mark Bomback, Chris Evans, Mortem Tyldum, Rosalie Swedlin and Adam Shulman, Production companies:Mark Bomback Productions, Paramount Television Studios y Anonymous Content. Photography:Jonathan Freeman. Music:Atli Orvarsson. Recommended age:+12. Distribution channels and platforms:Apple TV+.

Main characters and actors

    Andy Barber, played by Chris Evans. Laurie Barber, played by Michelle Dockery. Jacob Barber, played by Jaeden Martell. Joanna Klein, played by Cherry Jones. Neal Logiudice, played by Pablo Schreiber. Pam Duffy, played by Betty Gabriel. Lynn Canavan, played by Sakira Jaffrey.

It should be noted that the series is available worldwide no country restriction or anything similar. Of course, you must have an active subscription to the platform. Is dubbed into many languages And it also has subtitles. Regarding voice actors in Spain, we found these for the main ones:

    Raul Llorensvoicing Andy Barber (Chris Evans). Eva Lluchvoicing Laurie Barber (Michelle Dockery). Joseph Louis Stonevoicing Jacob Barber (Jaeden Martell). lourdes lopezvoicing Joanna Klein (Cherry Jones). Jordi Ribesvoicing Neal Loguidice (Pablo Schreiber).

All episodes of Defending Jacob

This series has been planned as a single season miniseries so it only has 8 episodes which were divided into a single part, beginning its broadcast on April 24, 2020.

First season (2020)

From April 24, 2020 to May 29 of that same year, all the chapters of this single season were broadcast weekly. Although due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this series was one of those affected by the cessation of activity of the voice actors, so some chapters were not found dubbed into all languages ​​until several weeks after its premiere. .

Chapter 1: Pilot

1x01 defending jacob

    Premiere:April 24, 2020. Duration:45 minutes. Synopsis:In this first chapter we meet District Attorney Andy Barber, a man who has been appointed as the lead prosecutor in the investigation of the murder of young Ben. Interestingly, Jacob, son of Andy, was a classmate of Ben, so the issue is very close to the prosecutor.

Chapter 2: Everything is great

1x02 defending jacob

    Premiere:April 24, 2020. Duration:45 minutes. Synopsis:Andy and Laurie find a knife hidden in Jacob's room without having prior knowledge that the young man had acquired said object. The investigation of Ben's crime continues, but some evidence is found that ends up separating Andy from the case and chaos and uncertainty begin to hover in the atmosphere of the Barber family.

Chapter 3: Poker Faces

1x03 defending jacob

    Premiere:April 24, 2020. Duration:52 minutes. Synopsis:After the first hearing of the case with Jacob as the defendant, the family is shattered. Andy seeks in any way to get back into the investigation to defend the innocence of his son before the trial that will come in August, however a confession of his past shakes the foundations of the family and the cause.

Chapter 4: Damage Control

1x04 defending jacob

    Premiere:May 1, 2020. Duration:48 minutes. Synopsis:The trial is getting closer and the situation in the Barber house does not seem to be heading towards optimism. Andy decides to take the law into his own hands and begins to investigate her main suspect, while Laurie decides to reflect on her life as she knew it.

Chapter 5: Visitors

Defending Jacob 1x05

    Premiere:May 8, 2020. Duration:48 minutes. Synopsis:Andy continues with his investigation, but in between his father's dark past intervenes, whom he goes to visit in prison after many years without seeing each other.

Chapter 6: Illusion

Defender a Jacob 2x06

    Premiere:May 15, 2020. Duration:46 minutes. Synopsis:With the trial date drawing ever closer, Jacob's obsession with proving Jacob's innocence becomes more and more apparent. Andy and Klein meet to study the last two resources they have left to prove it.

Chapter 7: Work

1x07 defending jacob

    Premiere:May 22, 2020. Duration:53 minutes. Synopsis:The big day has arrived. The trial against Jacob in which it will be determined if he is guilty of Ben's death, so the fate of the young man hangs in the balance.

Chapter 8: After

Defending Jacob 1x08

    Premiere:May 29, 2020. Duration:1 hour and 5 minutes. Synopsis:The longest chapter to date and with the greatest intrigue in its sequences. Jacob's trial continues, and we are now about to know the final sentence. The consequences of this are unexpected and will completely change the plot line.

Can there be a second season of Defending Jacob?

This miniseries was created to a single season . Already from the first news that emerged about its production, this fact was known. And although the success of the series was absolutely overwhelming, the truth is that There has never been any news about it.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen the entire Defending Jacob series and don't want to know how it ends, we recommend you stop reading.

However, in line with what the series itself raises, which already moves away in a certain way from the book on which it is based, we can be certain that if there was an intention to create new episodes there would have been enough material . The main plot of the series is focused on the investigation of a crime, the death of Ben. During the only 8 chapters everything revolves around the trial with young Jacob as the main suspect.

Once the trial is over and Jacob's innocence has been proven, the family believes that a vacation is necessary because of how hard the judicial process has been. However, being at the vacation resort, there are several indications that perhaps Jacob was to blame for the young man's death, hinting at a certain psychopathic tendency that could have been overlooked in the trial.

defending jacob serie apple

Since the plot does not close clearly, leaving the viewer in doubt, theories have abounded on the internet about what a second season of Defending Jacob could entail. There are them of all tastes and turning to all places, but unfortunately these are unofficial theories .

The creators of the series neither confirm nor deny these theories, making it clear at all times that the series is already completely closed and that any unknown that may arise to the viewer is part of the plan. Although there are many who can live with it, there are those who are not satisfied with an ending that leaves an eternal doubt and hence this compelling desire to see new episodes. And dreaming is free, so let's leave the door open to it, although it pains us to insist that there are no plans for it.

Our review of Defending Jacob

Despite the fact that Apple TV + does not have a catalog as huge as other streaming platforms, the truth is that audiovisual quality is a characteristic feature of all its content. In Defending Jacob we find a good part of this, with careful photography, with cold nuances that also make us fully immerse ourselves in a story of mystery and drama.

After the overwhelming success of The Morning Show, this series came to set a new precedent in the service and the truth is that it has fulfilled it. Beyond the initial impact of meeting a renowned actor like Chris Evans, the rest of the cast gives much more play to a plot that is presented in a simple way, but leaving nuances that not all the ends are loose, making it the spectator who can conspire the relationships between the facts.

defending jacob serie apple tv

The first reviews from viewers, which in the end are the ones that count the most above any other, have been on the right track. Despite not knowing exact data on how many people have seen the first episodes, it is enough to look at social networks and forums to find very good reviews of the serial in general terms. Therefore, and with all the prudence in the world, we would say that we are facing the possible birth of a great series that with its first season finale has set the bar high.

And you, have you seen Defending Jacob? What do you think? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.