Analysis of the AirPods Pro, are these headphones worth it? — 2022

It's been two more than a year since a server first tested Apple's AirPods Pro. These headphones raised a lot of doubts in me both in terms of sound quality and noise cancellation, as well as their ergonomics in my ear. Now, after having made quite intensive use of them, I dare to tell my experience, highlighting the strong points that I have found and warning of what are its shortcomings or aspects to improve in future reviews of these Apple headphones.

Comfort and ergonomics of these headphones

It is not that these are the headphones with the most distinctive design on the market, but they do have certain peculiarities and more so if we compare it with another range of Apple AirPods. For this reason, we believe it is important to talk about several points in relation to it and its comfort of use. All this based not only on my own experience, but also on the reviews of many other users that I have been able to get to know over the years.

The hold of the AirPods Pro, do they fall out of the ears?

After the announcement of the launch of the AirPods Pro by Apple, I was one of the skeptics about this product. It was not for its quality and not even for the price. The reason that I saw a product for which I was not its target was its design and I am not referring to aesthetics but to ergonomics. Some time ago I had been able to try a few designs of in-ear headphones without success, since none of them just adapted to my ear with their different pads. Also used to the classic design of AirPods and EarPods, these tended to seem uncomfortable to me because I believed that I would feel the pressure inside my ear.

However, I decided to give them at least a chance after seeing, hearing and reading such positive reviews during the first days it was on sale. Before buying them, in the Apple Store itself they let me do a test. The result could not have been better, since I had only been wearing them for 5 seconds and I already asked them to bring me a box because I was taking them. Unfortunately there was no stock in that store, but I didn't mind having to travel a few kilometers to go to a Store where there were a few units left.

AirPods Pro rubber bands

Two of the three sizes of AirPods Pro tips

My two preconceived ideas stopped being sticky to be two of the most positive aspects that I reaffirm after months of use . The pads adapt perfectly to my ear, which does not mean that the same thing happens to everyone, so I recommend trying it before making a purchase. If you don't have the opportunity to try them in the store, there is the possibility of returning them in 14 days as long as you don't damage the product. The other hit, that of feeling pressure in the ear, also disappeared. It should be noted that the box includes three sizes of pads which can make the hold better. In my case, and with my particular disparity of ear holes, I have size M in the right ear and S in the left.

During the first hours I had the strange feeling that at any moment they would fall out of my ear, but it was just that: a feeling. She jumped, turned her head sharply and nothing. The AirPods were still immovable in my ears. Notice if our minds are sometimes twisted that once I got used to these and put the first generation AirPods back on, it was with those that I noticed that they fell off. It was also a feeling, but for me it was one more proof that you really had to give the 'Pro' a chance despite the fact that some find it strange initially.

Are they used for sports?

I have to admit that maybe I am a weirdo when it comes to playing sports without music. I don't use AirPods Pro or any other type of headphones for these types of activities. However, I have been able to meet many people who do. And although it is clear that there are always exceptions, the truth is that at a general level I have heard very good reviews in this section.

And it is that, the AirPods Pro They guarantee fastening in sudden movements. Actions such as running on unstable ground or exercising in the gym with machines seem to be no problem for these headphones. yes, in the end it will depend on each person . If under normal circumstances they fall out of your ears, it is likely that doing this type of activity will also happen to you.

You can try them before you keep them

Given the particularities of these headphones, if you go to an Apple Store and request it, it is likely that allow you to try them in store . It is true that before the COVID-19 pandemic everything was simpler, while now it is possible that they avoid health issues to not allow you to take the test. Either way, you'll always have 14 days to try them on your own if you buy them if you buy them from Apple.

In many other stores such as Amazon they also offer a similar return period, in this specific case you have up to 30 days to be able to try your headphones and check if they are really comfortable or meet the needs you have, although we always recommend that you consult it beforehand. Normally nothing is usually required of you, having only to return them in their original box with all the accessories. Elements such as the plastic that wraps the box are not necessary for obvious reasons, since once you remove them it is difficult to put them back.

Relevant aspects of the sound of the AirPods Pro

Below I will comment on the most important thing at the end of these headphones, which is everything related to audio, since it also offers three sound modes: noise cancellation, ambient sound and the classic option that keeps those other two disabled.

Good sound quality overall

The headphones fit me well, but it was really time to check if their quality was as promised or if, on the contrary, we were facing more headphones. I have to say that I am not a scholar on sound issues, but after having tried a few brands I have to say that Apple, without being the best in this field, keeps what it promises. The sound quality of these AirPods Pro is really good, taking a leap from what previous AirPods models were capable of offering, that is, the first and second generation. In addition, you also have to take into account the compatibility of these headphones with two playback modes that are unique to Apple Music. The first of them is him spatial audio which, as its name suggests, makes the user feel like they are in space. It consists in that the sound will enter through one earphone and another depending on how you move and also taking into account the song itself, it is something similar to the effect that is achieved with 3D sound. The second is the ability to play songs on Apple Music no loss , that is, with superior quality that will make the experience of enjoying your favorite music much more satisfying.

The nuances are given by its different modalities. We find noise cancellation mode, cancellation disabled and ambient mode (first called transparency mode). With everything deactivated is when the similarity with previous generations is most noticeable , although with the difference that by its own design it isolates you a little more, although not enough for it to be considered noise cancellation. It is the mode that I use the most because in most cases I do not need cancellation due to being in places with low noise levels.

Ambient mode functionality

AND l environment mode , which Apple initially called Transparency, is probably the one I liked the most. It allows you to listen to the music or audio you are listening to without problems while allowing you to hear what is around you. In a certain way it is focused on people with hearing problems because it increases the sounds around you, although I insist that with a good combination with the sound that is being reproduced. In addition, it is a mode that is great for all those people who work in offices and want to be listening to music while doing their daily tasks but also want to be aware in case a colleague or colleague needs their help, that way they will not have to take off their earphones from the ears since with the ambient mode you will be able to hear them without any problem.

It is also the most recommended. to go down the street . It is true that the noise cancellation, which I will talk about later, does not overshadow all the sounds that we can find when going outside, but it can reduce them enough so that we do not know if a car is coming while we are crossing the street. On the other hand, I have seen it as an excellent feature for record podcast and listen to my voice. The ideal in these tasks is to have wired headphones and listen to the return of the live voice and although this function is not focused on it, it does allow me to hear my voice when I speak without losing the hearing of my colleagues.

airpods pro noise canceling modes

In short, it is a functionality that, although at first it can practically go unnoticed by most of the public, when you try it and, above all, use it on a day-to-day basis, it becomes practically essential thanks to the good functioning it offers and above all because it allows you to use your headphones in a much more comfortable way.

How is the noise cancellation?

Noise cancellation is probably the most compromised topic of this review. me particularly I thought it was very good without being the best . I want to say that there are earphones that, for their own physical reason, are going to isolate more of the external noise and provide a better sound, but within the range of in-ear headphones I think the AirPods Pro are the best.

If you regularly travel by plane or stay in places with a very high noise level, perhaps I would recommend earmuff headphones from other brands. But if your routine is more like mine, of working in the office and traveling on public transport such as the train or bus, the AirPods Pro will undoubtedly be very useful to you. Also for play sports they are ideal thanks to their water and dust resistance and that allows sweat not to damage the device.

Returning again to noise cancellation, I must admit that it does not isolate you in a bubble, but considerably reduces external noise and allows you to listen to music without any problem . If you're watching a video, don't worry, as this mode will allow you to stay focused on what you're watching and listening to. In fact, it is surprising how sometimes you deactivate the noise cancellation and you are aware that you really have a certain noise around you. It is also noteworthy that the first time this mode is used, you notice a slight pressure that enters your ear, but it is not worrying nor is it something that you do not get used to in the end.

How much autonomy do the AirPods Pro have?

On this topic I am going to be more concise than on others and it really does not go far. Following the official specifications given by Apple, we find headphones that will last up to 5 hours with active noise cancellation. All this counting on not removing the headphones and without introducing them to charge in the case, which would give even greater autonomy.

AirPods Pro

Nevertheless my experience has been better than that reported by Apple in its specifications . One day I wanted to test the battery and in the end I ended up running out before the AirPods Pro. I listened to a podcast, music and watched a few episodes of a series with them on. In total I was with them for approximately 5 and a half hours. In theory the battery should have run out or at least the low battery alert should have sounded. It was night and I was tired, so I decided to leave the test there and when I checked the remaining battery I was surprised to see that it was around 35%.

Neither Apple itself nor I can guarantee that this autonomy will be the same over the months and years, taking into account that there is obvious battery wear. However, I am quite satisfied that initially the autonomy is so good, since this will mean that even if the battery is worn out after a while, it can still enjoy good autonomy.

Price and conclusion after 2 years

At the time of updating this article, I have been a user of these headphones for almost two years. Time has given me the favor of being able to form a better opinion about these headphones and in the following points I will resolve your possible doubts about them.

Are the €279 of its official price justified?

And we come to the most controversial issue of any product and more so if it is Apple. The €279 that these headphones cost is not little money, not even for those who have more purchasing power. It is true that it moves a bit in the average of headphones of this style, but it is an important factor to consider before making the purchase.

me personally It has been profitable for me considering that I use headphones a lot . I considered them amortized in the first week as it happened with the first generation AirPods. But this is where the perception of each person comes in. If you need headphones for sporadic use or places where you never have noise, you may be more compensated by AirPods 2 or headphones from other brands at a lower price. If you want noise cancellation as described and you are also going to use them several times a week and even daily, I definitely recommend these.

As I was saying, the price is something relative that each person must take into account depending on their use, the money they have and the money they want to spend. However, and despite the fact that in most places the price is not far from the official €279, there are times when we can find some deals on AirPods Pro that make your acquisition more interesting.

So are they really worth it?

At this point you will have verified that I have not highlighted a bad look of the AirPods Pro. I honestly have to say that I have hardly found a major drawback, otherwise I would have returned them. Of the previous AirPods I could talk about their poor quality in noisy situations, the rapid battery drain and the bad microphone. Almost all of these problems have been corrected in this 'Pro' generation. What has not been corrected is the poor microphone quality , which may be understandable considering that it is not its purpose and that by design not much more can be done, but it is a downside that is there. Also, and this is not based on my experience, I could say that it does not suit everyone and not everyone feels noise cancellation in the same way. The latter in the end is relative.

AirPods AirPods Pro

What you have probably come to is to hear the answer to Are AirPods Pro worth it? And I have to say that objectively I will not be able to answer you. The data and specifications, only objective aspects, are already given. The experience may vary depending on the person and the use and therefore is tinged with subjectivity. In my case they have been very worthwhile and I have no doubt that in yours it could be the same case, but I also do not doubt that they will end up not convincing you. That is why my answer to that question is: try them and see for yourself , since in this way you will be able to check if you are really going to be able to take advantage of headphones that cost 279 euros through the Apple Store. However, as I have told you, my experience could not be more positive and, without a doubt, that money invested has been amortized and taken advantage of, since they are headphones that I use and enjoy every day.

About a possible 2nd generation

When we are in January 2022 (date of the last update of this post), there are still rumors about seeing some AirPods Pro 2. There were some voices that placed them at the end of 2021, but it is clear that these did not officially hit the market and they were the normal range AirPods in their third generation. Major analysts with sources close to Apple foresee them already for this year but no exact date.

If we take into account what Apple's priorities seem to be, it is possible that this second generation of AirPods Pro will be presented at the end of the year (between September and October). Now, we must not forget that we are talking about rumors and that, as such, we cannot take anything for granted and not even the features that have been leaked.

It is in the end evident that sooner or later these headphones will be renewed, given that more than 2 years have passed since their first generation and there has been plenty of time to develop an improved version. Now, it is not known exactly how these headphones would improve. Most likely, they will incorporate obvious improvements in sound and autonomy, surely improving noise cancellation. A change is also expected at the level of design with a similar form factor to the hearing aid itself, only without pins.

In any case, if you are interested in this range of headphones and after reading my experience and/or having informed yourself based on other opinions, you think they may be worth it: get them. You will not regret it when the second generation comes out and if we take into account the aforementioned Amazon offers that exist, you will be able to save money on the purchase. Therefore, I conclude this point with a very practical dogma for these doubts: carpe diem.