AirPods are the preferred wireless headphones in the US, but not for sound quality — 2022

The AirPods since they were presented in 2017 have undoubtedly had a very good acceptance in the different markets since they have been progressively sold out, having different seasons where it was very difficult to get a unit. This has resulted in a very satisfied on the part of the user according to a study carried out in the USA , but it should be noted that the sound quality has not been one of the strengths of these headphones so that they have had a good degree of satisfaction.

Other major brands that also have wireless headphones have slipped into this satisfaction ranking that is led by Apple. The highlight is that the difference between Apple and the rest of the brands is quite tight, so from the Cupertino company They should try to improve this score by offering a better product focusing primarily on sound quality.

AirPods satisfy most users in the US

To give you an idea of ​​the differences in satisfaction that exist, this is the ranking:

  • Apple: 19%
  • Sony: 17%
  • Samsung: 16%
  • Bose: 10%
  • Beats: 6%
  • Sennheiser: 5%
  • LG: 4%
  • Jabra: 2%

According to Counterpoint in his study the AirPods accounted for 75% of wireless headphone sales in 2018 with around 35 million units sold. If the first generation of this accessory has been so successful, the next renewal of these headphones will surely be much more successful with sales expected for 2020 of 129 million units.

In order to succeed this second generation in this report it is detailed that should enhance integration with voice assistants since without a doubt these assistants will actively participate in the daily life of the users and in the most daily tasks. Now, any problem that arises, we use our devices to make a query and that is why the integration of our headphones with voice assistants must be promoted here.

Alvaro Garcia M. 25 January, 2019 • 09:01

This is why the AirPods must improve their sound quality in a second generation in addition to incorporating functions as important as the summoning Siri through a voice command.If it is true that comparing AirPods with Bose is quite unfair, starting with the price difference, but if Apple dares to release headband headphones, we have no doubt that we will have incredible sound quality.

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