AirPods 3 missing, when does Apple plan to present them? — 2022

What about the AirPods 3? Thethird generation of Apple's most popular headphonescontinue to search and capture. There have been many rumors these months around them and yet they remain unannounced by the company. Will they be finally released soon? If you were waiting for them to be released, keep reading, since in this article we analyze all the possible release dates that we have left regarding these AirPods.

Features that have been leaked

In addition to knowing when they are going to be launched, it is important to remember the novelties that these AirPods 3 would have. Since the first generation was launched in 2016, Apple has changed little in them. It was in 2019 when they launched their second generation with an identical design, only with small improvements in terms of its chip and with a version that could recharge its case using wireless charging. Also in that 2019 the AirPods Pro with in-ear design and advanced features such as noise cancellation were launched. It was already in December 2020 when we saw the AirPods Max, Apple's high-end headband headphones and which today are the last known in the 'AirPods' range.

AirPods 3 leaked design

AirPods 3 leaked design

Of the AirPods 3 we have known renders and even presumed real images from the most reputable analysts and leakers in the Apple environment. In them we have been able to appreciate a change in aesthetics that would make them more similar to the 'Pro' model, although probably without the obligation of having to use them with pads. In the same way, the possibility of seeing functions such as noise cancellation has been ruled out, although sound and battery improvements are expected. Beyond this, aspects such as the price remain a mystery, although what is certain is that by not having noise cancellation, thecomparison of the AirPods 3 against the Beats Studio Buds, or AirPods Pro, will be very marked by this non-inclusion of noise cancellation.

Rumors surrounding its launch varied.

When this year began, many pointed to the possibility of seeing these headphones at a hypothetical Apple event in March, which finally existed, but in April. However, even before the announcement of that event, the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo already predicted delays in its launch, placing them at the end of the year. That was the idea that we kept until just a couple of weeks ago there were indications of its imminent launch in the iOS 14.6 betas.

In these versions there were references to new headphones and Apple Music news such as the already announced sound function without loss of quality (Lossless Audio). Therefore, everything indicated that both announcements would go hand in hand and that last Tuesday was the appointed day to see the headphones. Well, as of Thursday that this news is being published, we still have no official news of these AirPods.

So what are the chances of seeing them already?

With the arrival of the first iMac and iPad Pro 2021, it seems that Apple has already taken over its space in the media. If we also add that the WWDC 2021 event is just around the corner (June 7), we already have a remote chance of seeing the AirPods 3. In fact, it seems ruled out that it will be at that event, in the which could present hardware in the form of a Mac, but strangely a headset.

In the final version of iOS 14.6, animations of new Apple headphones have been found, but from the Beats range. More specifically the Beats Studio Buds. The references were probably mistaken for AirPods when they were actually referring to them. Therefore, the idea already given by Kuo to see these headphones at the end of the year adds more integers. Be that as it may, we will continue to be aware of any new information that may become known in this regard.