AirPods 3 uncovered: filtered its main novelties — 2022

A new generation of AirPods is coming, which would be the third of the most basic range and fifth in total if we count the 'Pro' and 'Max' versions of the Apple brand headphones. Although we already had very specific information about them, now an image has even been leaked that allows us to observe their design, tremendously familiar to Apple users, but nothing usual in this aforementioned basic range. We will tell you below everything that is known about them and that they could even beAirPods with spatial audio.

Similar, but not identical, design to AirPods Pro

In 52audio published this weekend some images corresponding to what seem to be the 3rd generation AirPods . The main image could be of the actual headphones or a mockup of them, as it is not a render or any other type of computer generated image. Based on previously seen rumors, these are very similar in design to the current AirPods Pro.

AirPods 3

Observing the previous image we can realize that they are not exactly the same as the 'Pro' model, since they would have shorter temples than these. And although it cannot be seen very well, we see that they would also lack the haptic button that the AirPods Pro have to switch between different sound modes. Interchangeable rubber bands in various sizes would be present at the main end. In addition, the case will be of different dimensions, forcing users to buy othercases and covers for AirPods 3.

Characteristics that these headphones would have

There is something that seems clear and that no analyst or source close to Apple has denied and that is that they will not have noise cancellation despite having a similar form factor to the AirPods Pro. It would, however, have the possibility of accessing spatial audio content that is currently relegated to the 'Pro' and 'Max' models. They would also have new tactile possibilities of playback control through his sideburns.

line of airpods

Regarding improvements at the level of battery There is more controversy, since some sources point to an improvement of the current five hours of uninterrupted playback, while the source that has leaked the new images suggests that there will be continuity in this section. Be that as it may, it does not seem to be a major problem if we take into account that it seems to be a sufficient duration if the extra load of the charging case is added. Of course, it will be observed with a magnifying glass if the deterioration of this battery is reminiscent of the original AirPods or if it follows the same line of improvement of the second generation AirPods and the 'Pro' model.

Market launch imminent?

At the end of last year, numerous sources close to Apple's supply chain reported that the company would start producing these headphones at the beginning of the year. Also following the company's launch history, we could determine that they will be launched next month March . Whether it is through a press release or through an event remains to be seen, since there has been a contradiction in recent days regarding the company making a keynote to present various products.