Adobe is already working on Illustrator for iPad that could be released in 2020 — 2022

Without a doubt Adobe is betting quite heavily on the iPad since after officially launching Photoshop for iPad, they have also announced the arrival of Adobe Illustrator for the iPad next year . Although this tool sounds Chinese to some and they have never heard of it, surely many professionals are tired of working with it on a daily basis. Well, soon they will be able to use it on their iPad, theoretically having the same experience as if they were working on a Mac or PC.

Adobe Illustrator is coming to iPad in 2020

From Adobe they want to move their entire suite of applications to iPad or so it seems. We recently saw the launch of theLightroom app compatible with iPad, then Photoshop and soon Illustrator. They have reported that the latter is currently in the early stages of development, so there is no exact date for its official launch, although they hope it will be throughout 2020.

Illustrator iPad

Obviously the development of Illustrator is going to take a long time because as it happened with Adobe Photoshop they are doing it completely from scratch . The quick and easy thing would have been to take the Mac or PC base and adapt it, but this would have created a lot of problems. In order to offer optimal performance, they have decided to start completely from scratch and we believe that it is the best thing for users, even if they have to wait a little longer.

For those who do not know, Illustrator is a vector graphics editor mostly used by illustrators . This is why it takes very good precision with the Apple Pencil to get good results on the iPad, and this is one more reason to start development completely from scratch.

Illustrator iPad

But this version of Illustrator will have features exclusive to the iPad, such as the ability to take a photo of a sketch and have it instantly converted into vector shapes . This will add, how could it be otherwise, the file system in the cloud that Adobe is promoting so that we can continue with our project on any device just as we left it.

Right now, in the version that is being developed, it already includes a clipping mask, radial and pattern repetition as well as the new point gradient tool. You can try all this if you are interested in the private beta that Adobe is preparing and to which they can sign you up here .

Illustrator iPad

In addition, they have also wanted to work on a new typography support that could be greatly supported by the iOS 13 Font management system. This will undoubtedly help many illustrators to get new ideas with different fonts for their creations. Without a doubt, we will be very attentive to everything that has to do with this new project that Adobe is working on and that is giving much more prominence to the iPad in the professional sector. But remember that if you don't want to pay, you can download fonts on iOS and iPadOS for free with some apps.

If you dedicate yourself to illustration, surely you have to think twice to opt for an iPad in particular. This is why theMost recommended iPad for illustratorsthey encompass both the iPad Pro and the iPad Air itself.

Leave us in the comment box what do you think of the arrival of Illustrator on the iPad, do you use it daily in your professional life?