Add your own watermark to your iPhone photos — 2022

Many photographs are often uploaded to social networks, and obviously it can happen that someone who liked the image you have uploaded downloads it and uses it how and where they want. This is practically unavoidable, but with the use of watermarks, you can make that image at least carry your stamp wherever it is. For this reason, in this post we want to talk to you about certain applications with which you can create and put your watermark on your photos from your iPhone or iPad.

What are watermarks for?

Watermarks are the most used way by photography professionals to protect your creations from other users posting them on your behalf. In this way, the creators of said image indicate that the copyright is protected and that this image cannot be used without their consent or without paying for its use.

In addition, another very important aspect when applying watermarks is that you have to take into account that you can only do it for photographs that you have done, since doing it with images of other photographers is illegal and therefore could lead to the payment of very large fines.

Apps that allow you to create your own watermark

Before going on to talk about the applications that will allow you to put your watermark on your photos, we also have to talk about applications that allow you and with which you can create the watermark that you will later use. A watermark of your own will make each of your images bear your stamp, and thus if someone uses your photographs without your permission, at least that the people who see those images know who the author of them was.



Canva is one of the most powerful design tools on the market and of course, one of the most used by all users . This application, which is also fully available as a web service, offers the user the ability to create their watermark with ease.

Another of the most outstanding points of Canva is that it works both for users who have design knowledge and for those who have just entered this world and the only thing they want is to be able to put their watermark on their photographs, since you can start design from scratch or you can start from some of the ideas that the application itself offers users.

Canva: Create Graphic Design Canva: Create Graphic Design Descargar QR-Code Canva: Create Graphic Design Developer: Canva

Logo Maker

Logo Maker

As the name of this application indicates, Logo Maker is a logo creator, but after all, a watermark is nothing more than a logo, which is why this application is highly recommended for creating your brand of water. It is one of the best tools that exist in the App Store for creating logos, given the options that it puts on the table for the user.

Has more than 1 00 logo templates fully editable and customizable, advanced design elements to carry out everything that your imagination is capable of creating, as well as more than 100 sources to be able to use the most appropriate typography and that best suits your needs. After all, this application leads you to create that watermark that helps you visualize and communicate the value of your brand.

Logo Maker - Create a Design Logo Maker - Create a Design Descargar QR-Code Logo Maker - Create a Design Developer: Bizthug Pte Ltd

Logo Maker Shop

Logo Maker

we keep talking about logo maker apps , or in this case, more specifically watermarks for all the photos you upload to social networks. Logo Maker Shop has more than 1000 templates of predefined logos that have been created by professional designers so that they can be used by all users, whether they want to make any changes or not.

In addition, it also has more than 5,000 fonts, symbols, and backgrounds so you can give free rein to your imagination and get the watermark you've always wanted to have. All this with the ease of being able to modify, export or change everything from anywhere and at any time.

Logo Maker Shop: Font Brand Logo Maker Shop: Font Brand Descargar QR-Code Logo Maker Shop: Font Brand Developer: PIXO Incorporation

The ones that allow you to add them to your photos

Once you have been able to create a recognizable watermark and, above all, with which you feel well identified, it is time to be able to add it to each and every one of the images that you upload to social networks. In this way, anyone who sees said photograph will be able to appreciate the watermark and identify its creator.

Add Watermark – Batch

Add watermark - batch

This application is mainly focused on one task, add a watermark to your photos In fact, his name makes it very clear. In addition, with it you will not only be able to apply your logo, watermark or text to the photographs, but you will also be able to create them easily.

It has different templates that you can use and that will be great for all those users who want everything in the same application and without complicating their lives too much. It also has batch processing, that is, you won't have to put the watermark individually on each image, but you can easily do everything with a single click.

Add Watermark - Batch Add Watermark - Batch Descargar QR-Code Add Watermark - Batch Developer: Saraswati Javalkar

Add watermark to photo

Add watermark

If what you want is add your personal touch to photos and that everyone knows that this fantastic image has been made by you, what you need is to include your watermark. With this application you will be able to do it in just a few seconds and without any type of complication, perfect for the most basic users who do not have professional tools for it.

To carry it out, you just have to choose well instead of the photo where you want to put your watermark, adjust its size and, of course, also the opacity so that it can blend perfectly with the different elements of the photo. In addition to being able to import your professional watermark, it also has a small logo creator, with which you can make your watermark quickly.

Add watermark to photo Add watermark to photo Descargar QR-Code Add watermark to photo Developer: Smiko



iWatermark is one of the most popular apps to put a watermark on photographs thanks to the fact that it is a professional, economical tool and, above all, very easy to use for all users who download it. Ideal for both professional and personal use.

Thus you can protect your photos with a text, graphic, signature or even a QR mark that identifies you as the creator of said image. As we have mentioned before, it stands out because it is very comfortable to use thanks to the touch gestures through which you can modify the application and the size of the watermark within the photograph. Without a doubt, one of the most outstanding options of this compilation.

iWatermark iWatermark Descargar QR-Code iWatermark Developer: Plum Amazing Software LLC

Watermark X: Copyright Photos

Watermark X

With Watermark X it allows all users to be able to quickly and easily add a wide variety of watermarks of professional design to all the photographs, in such a way that they will be protected and anyone who sees them will also be able to identify you as the creator of the same.

You can choose between different templates of watermarks that this application has, and even get to customize them to be able to adapt them perfectly to your tastes and needs. You can change the color, the opacity, the size, the location, in short, you have all the basic tools to put your watermark on your photos.

Watermark Photo: Add Copyright

Watermark Photo

It is the most easy to use to add watermarks to all your photos to, in this way, be able to protect your authorship of the photos you upload to the different social networks. With this app you can add unique custom logos, signatures and tons of other design elements to your images in just a few seconds and a few clicks.

In addition to giving users the possibility to add their watermarks, this application also It has a small logo creator that you can use to create your watermark if you don't already have one. It has an extensive library of fonts, clip art, and colors so that if you want to be inspired by any of these examples, you can do so without any problem.

Watermark Photo: Add Copyright Watermark Photo: Add Copyright Descargar QR-Code Watermark Photo: Add Copyright Developer: Ezyabsorb PTE LTD

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Photoshop Express One of the companies that cares the most and best for the creator of photographic content is Adobe , and once again it has a tool, in this case, an application, which provides users with the opportunity to add their watermarks or logos to each and every one of their photos.

Photoshop Express no solo allows you to include watermarks in the images if not that it really is an editor that Adobe has wanted to provide especially thinking of those users who want to have something simple, easy to use and with which they do not have to take many steps to obtain an attractive result.

Photoshop Express Photo Editor Photoshop Express Photo Editor Descargar QR-Code Photoshop Express Photo Editor Developer: Adobe Inc.

eZy Watermark photos


If you are worried that someone could steal your photos to use them on their social networks as if they had taken them, here you have this application that will allow you to include your own watermark in your images , your logo, your name or whatever you want to use to refer to that image as yours.

It has the ability to perform the famous batch processing, that is, being able to apply your watermark to a group of photographs at the same time without having to carry out this process individually. It also offers the possibility of customizing your watermark through the tools that it makes available to users to obtain the result they are looking for.

eZy Watermark photos eZy Watermark photos Descargar QR-Code eZy Watermark photos Developer: Whizpool

These we use

Whenever we make this type of post, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we want to tell you which are the most outstanding options, from our point of view. First of all, if we have to choose an application to create a watermark, without a doubt we are left with Canva , as it is the most versatile tool you can count on.

On the other hand, when applying a watermark and taking into account that usually the editions that are made on the iPhone are usually quick and simple, we opted for the Adobe alternative, Photoshop Express , which in addition to being able to apply your watermark also allows you to edit quickly and easily.