A weekend without internet connection on the iPhone? It is possible, I tell you my experience — 2022

I have a brand new iPhone 7, which we all know its features and benefits . To a greater or lesser extent, we will agree that it is a mobile , if I may be allowed the word. But… And what if I don't have an internet connection on my device? Last weekend I disconnected the internet connection from my device and I have found some other surprises that I will comment on in this article.

Reasons why I removed my connection

No, my company did not cut my connection for non-payment or anything like that. The WiFi signal in my house did not drop either. The reason why I decided to spend the weekend without internet connection was to disconnect, forgive the redundancy. In addition, incidentally, I challenged myself to find out if I could last 48 hours with my work tool diminished by having dispensed with its main function.

so i can relax I thought it necessary to cut off all flow of information and contact with those who were not physically close to me. However, I continued to maintain voice coverage, in case an emergency arose so that I would not find myself completely incommunicado.

After the first half hour I have to admit that I felt very relieved. Recently I have been receiving many notifications. Either from emails or WhatsApp messages from friends or co-workers. That is why it gave me a tremendous Peace of mind the fact of not constantly listening to the sound of the mobile (or the vibration in case of having it on silent).

(Almost) all apps require an internet connection

I am, like many people today, a mobile addict. Although this weekend I verified that really I am more addicted to the internet than to the device itself. Almost without realizing it, I unlocked my iPhone and entered any social network like Instagram or Facebook. Instantly he realized that he had no connection and it was absurd to open such applications.

That's when I decided to take a look, app by app. I knew that nowadays most apps need the internet to work, but It was really surprising for me to realize that absolutely all the apps that I have on my iPhone require an internet connection. . Well, actually apps like calendar, contacts or the compass, they were absolutely useless to me at that time.

Not even many games started without internet connection . just the music that I have downloaded on my phone could save me that time, and it is that, without realizing it, I had become very stressed when I realized that I had a phone that, no matter how much money it costs, is of little use to me if I'm not connected to the internet.

Battery and other aspects

Obviously, I wasn't using the phone as much as when I was connecting to the internet. In fact, except for those moments when he listened to music or made a call to a friend, he hardly used it.

The iPhone battery, almost eternal when you do not have an internet connection

This decrease in the use of the phone was also reflected in the consumption of the battery. And it is that, when I disconnected the device from the internet it had 73% battery and when I reconnected it (50 hours later) it had 66% battery. I had only consumed 6%! It seemed too little to me. It is true that not only handling the device benefits a lot, but on other occasions I have spent hours without using it and it has consumed more than half of the battery, but of course, on those occasions I did have an internet connection and this is where I am aware of to what extent this affects the consumption of the device.

Another of the functions that I perform with my iPhone, l as backups of photos, files and the phone itself, are made thanks to the internet connection. When I remembered it, an ominous voice came into my head. What if I was unlucky enough to have my phone broken right now? Said voice fell silent when I realized that nothing would happen. But nothing at all, and it is that I would not lose any data. The fact of not having used the phone and having created new files meant that I still had the same ones as the last time I made a backup.

Forced to use other devices

After the first 24 hours I felt the need to connect to the internet, not so much to use my social networks but for entertainment. I decided to stay offline on mobile, but opted to do something I barely did anymore, use my computer to navigate.

So, I kept informed of current events through the websites of the main newspapers and the experience of doing it with the computer seemed strange to me. Of course the experience is much more interesting than from the iPhone, but The convenience offered by the smartphone was such that I had stopped using my computer for it.

I must also admit that I had my eye on some social networks like Facebook, but only for the purpose of entertaining myself by watching my favorite pages. In this way, he continued without having direct contact with anyone through the internet. From time to time I had my eye on the 5×1 Apple Telegram groups, but for purely professional reasons.

Other devices like my iPad, replacing the iPhone

Me too iPad, which I also had a little apart lately, it helped me that weekend to watch movies and other multimedia content such as YouTube.


If there is a word with which I could define my weekend without internet connection from my mobile, it is tranquillity. Except for moments of boredom in which habit pushed me to unlock my phone, I have seen that I have not really missed it.

The number of notifications I received when I reconnected was overwhelming. And I was glad to be seeing them at that moment and not having been overwhelmed interacting with them when they came to me.

no doubt that The advantages of having an internet connection from our mobile are many. But if I have made something clear, it is that it is not necessary as I thought before. All the functions that we carry out with the mobile internet can be done from another device. So, if an evil virus were to attack all smartphones and we had to go back to mobiles like the classic version of the Nokia 3310, I I would be willing and happy.

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