A waterproof iPhone? This Apple patent describes how it would work — 2022

The iPhone, like other competitive phones, already have certifications that make them resistant to water and dust. However, we cannot consider that this makes Apple devices submersible or that they work in the same way underwater. We have recently learned of a patent from the apple company that describes how in the future we could see a truly operational iPhone underwater.

Will we get to see a waterproof iPhone?

It is logical that a device like an iPhone is not designed to be used most of the time in adverse conditions such as those we find if we submerge the device under water in a pool or in the sea. However, the idea of be able to use them on certain occasions to take photos and videos with them in those conditions.

As reported by Patently Apple, the company led by Tim Cook registered several patents these days describing the operation of a touch screen underwater with total precision . This could also be transferred to equipment such as the iPad, although we understand that the iPhone would be the highest priority device to incorporate a feature of these magnitudes.


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