A new render shows us what a gold iPhone X would look like — 2022

The iPhone X arrived at the end of last year only in black and silver, leaving aside the red color that we saw a week ago in the iPhone 8 . This makes us imagine what more colors could be added from Cupertino to his flagship so that there is a greater variety in order for the user to choose the color they prefer and not between black and silver. The designer Martin Hajek has shown a render of the iPhone X in gold that we have loved.

Will we see a gold iPhone X in 2018?

After the concept that we saw a couple of days ago of Apple's flagship in red, today we have seen on the net an incredible design of the device with the edges in gold and the color of the rear glass in gold . The front part is kept in black so that all the colors end up matching perfectly, and it is a real item to combine with your accessories.

To this concept is added a render of an iPhone X Red, exactly the same as we saw the other day , highlighting the shine it would have on the back glass and how well it could look in the Apple Store, although we will not see it at the moment, but we can have it in our hands next year for sure.

There were already some rumors that would launch a copper color for this fiscal quarter with the aim of having many more sales in Q3, which is a quarter that is traditionally quite weak in terms of sales due to how close the presentation of new devices is to September, and added to the low sales that the iPhone X itself.


This year Cupertino has decided not to add a new color to its flagship to make it more attractive to the user, but we hope that at the end of this year we will see this incredible gold color that this designer has presented, in the new generation of devices that will present as it is traditional.

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