A new render of the iPhone 8 is shown with a sloppy design — 2022

We are getting closer to the presentation of the iPhone 8 and since Apple 5×1 We have been showing you most of the rumors that circulated on the net about this terminal. Without going further, yesterday we brought you the render showing Tiger Mobiles in collaboration with OnLeaks on its YouTube channel, and which seemed to be an exact confirmation of many of the existing rumors about the 10th anniversary iPhone.

Almost all of these leaks implied that the new iPhone would be a device that, among other things, would have almost no edges and would feature a dual front camera integrated into the upper part of the screen along with facial recognition sensors; but yesterday the Twitter user Benjamin Geskin, known for sharing photos of different prototypes of the iPhone 8, he surprised us with a design that he described as ugly:


New prototype of the iPhone 8

Geskin's tweet shows three photos. In the first of them, the phone has a kind of screen protector that makes it resemble its predecessor, the iPhone 7; In the second and third photo, the user himself removes this protective plastic, revealing a completely new design: the front camera, the speaker and what could be the facial recognition sensor are not integrated into the upper part of the screen, but rather it is reserved, as in previous models, an upper frame.

On the other hand, in this prototype the frames are slightly larger than in other models that we have seen before, although in any case they are still somewhat finer and more minimalist than in the previous generation.

This new prototype has much thinner upper and lower frames than those of the iPhone 7.

Could it be the final design?

We have already seen so many prototypes of the iPhone that those from Cupertino will bring to the market this year that it is normal that one does not know which one to stay with. Most likely, Apple has been working on different ideas and the normal thing in these cases is that different concepts are filtered.

In this case, Geskin brings us a rather strange and innovative prototype, in the sense that it presents a design that few renders had shown us before. What does seem to be clear is that if we want to know what the expected iPhone 8 will be like, we will have to wait until the official presentation by Apple, and until then the only thing we will have are rumors and leaks that, far from taking away the anguish of knowing the new iPhone, what they do is precisely make us more impatient for the day of the presentation of this terminal to arrive.

Render that Tiger Mobiles showed us yesterday on its YouTube channel. As we can see, new prototypes appear every so often.

What do you think of this new iPhone 8 prototype? Do you like it or on the contrary do you agree with user Benjamin Geskin that it is an ugly model?