A new prototype of the iPhone 8 is launched that fulfills everything rumored — 2022

The rumors of the iPhone 8 do not stop emerging although they are still enough months for this terminal to be presented to the media in the September Keynote. All the rumors that we are seeing we can like more or less, but we cannot give them any credibility at all l until we see it in the hands of Tim Cook. On this occasion, a new prototype of the iPhone 8 has been uploaded to the networks, which would be the one used in its end of production, and we have to say, that it fulfills all the most notorious rumors in these months.

A new video is shown with a prototype of the iPhone 8

The networks have been filled with videos with various prototypes of the long-awaited device that we all want in our hands. Today we bring you a new video of which it would be the final prototype that Apple would be using in its production chain. Then I leave you the iVenyaWay video, and then I'll comment on it.

In this video we see the front and back of the iPhone. What we all look for when seeing a prototype does not have it. Does not have Touch ID on the rear , something that is what is dividing the rumors the most, since some defend an iPhone 8 with Touch ID and others defend that it will be located at the front.

Another curious specification is the vertical double camera , which is something that is already 99% sure that the future iPhone 8 will bring. This will be closely related to augmented reality and being a innovation sign and that Apple continues to think about users.

Obviously we are talking about prototypes and it could simply be a user who designs it and uploads it to the networks to make it viral. It is because of that We doubt this type of prototypes. Of this specifically, we see that the thickness is much higher than what we currently have in our iPhone, although those from Cupertino could surprise us with a greater thickness.

We also think why the author of the content has not shown more of this prototype of the future iPhone 8. Is it because it is a homemade model without any foundation? We will have to wait until September to find out, but we will have to prepare ourselves because these months will be full of repetitive rumours, of users who play at making viral videos with homemade models.

Do you think the iPhone 8 will be like the one shown in the video? Leave us all your comments in the comment box.

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Source | YouTube