A new beta of macOS 11.3 is launched and they continue to polish their news — 2022

If you are a developer on Mac, you can nowinstall a new beta of macOS Big Suron your computer, as Apple released the second test version of macOS 11.3 yesterday afternoon. This next version of software continues to show corrections and new features that all owners of aBig Sur-compatible Mac. Below we detail the news.

Changes seen in this beta 2

At the time of publishing this news, no relevant news has been found regarding this future version of the Mac operating system. Some developers have reported on the correction of some of the bugs that had already been reported, most of them being these related to lags and other common problems in betas. All the news already seen in the first beta version that was launched two weeks ago is still maintained, so we do not find changes in this regard either.

The news that macOS 11.3 will bring

Although the following are not novelties found in these betas but already in the first one, it is worth remembering what is new that users will be able to find on Apple computers when this version is official.

    Compatibility with controls of new consolessuch as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. They can be used both in some Apple Arcade games and others available in the App Store. Improved performance of iOS and iPadOS appsin those Macs that have an M1 chip, this being a feature that is exclusive to computers with the company's own chips. Ability to use HomePod in stereo, something that surprisingly could not be done on an Apple computer, although it was possible on other devices.

HomePod and HomePod mini

    Customize SafariIt will be even more complete with new options to organize the sections of the home screen, the bookmarks or the suggestions of the Siri assistant. News in native applicationsas Reminders, allowing better ordering of the listings. Also on Apple Music with new sections or direct access to custom lists. In Apple News a redesign is also added, although this application is only available in some countries. Possibility of accessing repairsmore quickly from a new support section added in About This Mac. You can also check the available warranty of the device, if it is still in this period.

Possible release dates

What users are probably wondering the most is about when they will be able to enjoy these new features on their Macs. Well, Apple does not let go of it as is usual in intermediate versions like this, but if we look at the usual calendar that usually take, we could intuit that mid march the final version arrived. It is expected to arrive more or less at the same time as iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5 and other new software, although in recent times the versions of macOS are going their separate ways. In any case, we will inform when this launch takes place, as well as the date if it is known in advance.