A new Apple patent is capable of using our voice together with Siri as an identification system — 2022

Apple registers a voice recognition system that would allow us to be used as a master key in many uses. All this thanks also to the collaboration of Siri to carry out the process.

This new patent allows a user record your voice as a security recognition method, just as we use Face ID or Touch ID itself. That is to say, we have evolved from physical contact, to visual contact and in the future to sound contact with our own voice.

We already know that Apple usually launches its news with a higher level than what we usually know, a clear example of this was the launch of Face ID . He found it hard to believe that he could do a weathered of our face in total darkness without any problem. Well, with this new security method we would have another evolutionary exception in terms of security and comfort.

The new Apple patent will have to talk

Apple Voice Recognition Patent

Surely you will have many doubts, more than for the operation, for the vulnerabilities that a user could find in them. For example with imitations of voices or the simple fact of having a cold, since our voice everything changes considerably.

As well, we shouldn't worry about it . The new system patented by Apple provides for this type of situation and other more specific ones so that voice recognition is optimal and with a very narrow margin of error. It cannot be 100% effective as there is no system capable of offering it.

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