A MacBook with ARM architecture and manufactured by Pegatron. Digitimes bet — 2022

We continue with rumors about the world of Apple and we do it nothing more and nothing less with the information collected by Digitmes, where they rub shoulders with the idea that Apple launches the first MacBook with ARM processor for undemanding tasks.

Although there is little information about it (and which you have to take with tweezers). This medium even dares with the company that would manufacture this new MacBook model, specifically Pegatron .

Pegatron in a well-known Taiwan company, where it manufactures consumer electronics devices. Apple has a close relationship, as it is one of the largest iPhone assemblers, especially in the world. iPhone 8 , while Foxconn took the iPhone X cake.

A MacBook with an ARM processor

There is one thing that is true, and that is the rumors for quite some time about the possibility of Apple producing their own processors and thus not having to depend on Intel, since this can slow down the evolution of Macs (as has already happened).

As we say, this is not something new, so this type of news does not surprise us either. But honoring the truth, we cannot shuffle it as something with force of weight due to the little information obtained. With the WWDC 18 just around the corner, we may know some information about it in the next few days.

On the part of Pegatron, there is no official information, where they have not confirmed or denied this news. This is not at all surprising, the degree of hermeticism and confidentiality handled by companies associated with Apple, is quite high, so possibly, do not make any kind of statement about it.

Returning to the possibility of seeing a MacBook with a processor ARM , this would be focused on an entry team, being one of the lowest ranges for undemanding tasks. But we insist that this type of information that has been published pro Digitimes You have to pick them up with tweezers.

What would you think of this idea? Do you think that this information can have force of weight for the near future in the MacBook?