A Korean store already allows you to reserve the iPhone SE 2 — 2022

The iPhone SE2 is generating a good feedback with only the rumors swirling around him. A Korean store wanted to go one step further and now allows reservations for this new Apple terminal.

As a curiosity, they have taken advantage of the data that has been appearing in the rumorology and have created a 3D image as a claim. Of course this it's nothing official , they have simply been based on the news that revolves around the new iPhone SE 2.

Everything seems to indicate that, indeed, the iPhone SE 2 it will come out sooner rather than later , although there is no information with force of weight that affirms it, like its design or price . But this Korean store has already wanted to offer a reservation list for customers who do plan to renew their terminal for this new model.

iPhone SE 2 as claim

iPhone SE 2 claim Korean store

Making a pattern of everything that has been talked about the new iPhone SE 2, everything seems to indicate (we insist that always according to the information of the rumors) that we will see a terminal with a conservative body but with a front similar to the iPhone X. That is, all screen and with facial recognition via FaceID .

The iPhone 5s and SE are highly admired for their design by a large number of users. A compact design very well valued among customers looking for this type of terminal. But we must also highlight an interesting point, these users coincide that they would like to see an iPhone SE with a full screen front to make the most of its size.

If the rumors don't stray too far from reality, that concept could be the one we see before long, even with wireless charging . So it's not surprising that This store Korean use a render of the iPhone SE2 as a claim to open a reservation list, since the expectation for this terminal is being very high and from which it seems that we could see very soon .

Would you like to see an iPhone SE 2 with an all-screen front?