A friend of the alien is stealing iPhone 8 from customers of Apple Store online — 2022

Some users are reporting a series of robberies when placing an online order on the Apple website in Spain, specifically it is about the new iPhone 8.

The problem comes when some user decides return the terminal and proceed to the return to Apple following the indicated procedure. When sending the terminal, it is lost along the way.

Apple responds to these users who are investigating to see what is happening, where the problem could be in a few delivery warehouses, according to Apple itself in telephone conversations.

Empty iPhone 8 boxes or with toys

The story would be the following, a user buys an Apple terminal, decides not to keep it for any reason. He contacts Apple to make the return, the carrier picks up the package and when he arrives at Apple the box is empty or with toys inside to make weight.

In one of the cases, the iPhone box was sealed, since it was not used. With which could not be handled before shipment . According to Apple, the problem could be in the warehouses of the agencies before being forwarded to Apple.

Users who have contacted us tell us that a few days after the shipment, Apple contacts them to ask what they had sent, since the boxes were empty or with toys to make weight.

On other occasions, it has been the users themselves who have contacted Apple when they saw that the withheld money was not released. The operators gave them exactly the same answer, that they had not received the device , just the empty box.

Apple recommends reporting

After several calls to customer service, and several emails collecting all possible information, Apple replies that it cannot take responsibility for what happened. where it states that have been victims of a crime where it is beyond their control.

So far, users have lost all their money, an average of about 800 euros . Where they have begun to make the relevant complaints with all the information they have been able to collect.


Apple tells users to report, where they will give all possible information if necessary. But for now, the victims of the fraud have lost all their money while waiting to find out who is stealing the iPhones shipped to Apple.

Have you had any similar problem? Were you able to recover the money or the device?