A four-year-old puts Siri to the test (and fails) — 2022

Siri It is being the subject of much criticism for its current performance compared to other virtual assistants. Proof of this is that of a four-year-old boy when he wants to call his grandmother or watch some videos on the Internet.

The audio of the interaction between Siri and Guillem (our protagonist), is captured by his parents, where they can't stop laughing when they see how their son interacts with Apple's virtual assistant without being offered solutions.

We can listen to this audio on the radio program Good morning, Javi and Mar! from CHAIN ​​100 . Without a doubt, an audio that will make you smile.

Siri and Guillem

Guillem wants to call his grandmother, but the virtual assistant doesn't make it easy for him. He also gets alarmed when Siri tells him that he has 25 unanswered calls . As much as Guillem tries to call her grandmother, Siri insists that there is no contact in her address book, to which she ends up indicating her grandmother's name and finally asks if she wants us to leave. now call him Guillem.

It would have gotten on the nerves of any of us by now, but Guillem is a boy with a lot patience , so he insists on watching some videos on the Internet about children's songs. She tries it with I want the cantajuegos of Sapopepe. But Siri answers him with the typical Look what I found on the internet about Pepe. You can imagine the surprise of the little one.

definitely a conversation quite nice that you can listen to in the program Good morning, Javi and Mar! of CHAIN ​​100″ published a few days ago. You can hear it from here . This is another test showing user dissatisfaction with Siri based on this poll .

Apple is making efforts to improve its virtual assistant, as we already mentioned in is fasting . But for now, we have to settle for simple actions and simple questions if we do not want Siri send us to the internet to find more information.

What do you think of this Guillem audio? Do you think that Apple's virtual assistant should improve much more than the competition?