A bug is discovered in the control center of iPhone and iPad that would leave them hanging — 2022

A bug has appeared in iOS, which can play tricks on us if we make a series of parallel selections in our control center . Although it is impossible for us to do it unintentionally, they can play a joke on us in bad taste using the bug that I am going to tell you about below.

The control center of our iPhone can give us a scare

The bug that I am going to talk about next was discovered by an Italian site called AmiApple . this bug is not in an isolated version If not, it persists in several versions of the operating system, even reaching the iOS 10.3.2 beta.

The bug that will freeze your iPhone consists of opening the control center of your iPhone and simultaneously press the calculator logo, theAirDropand do not disturb . Automatically, when you stop pressing the combination of keys that I have mentioned with three fingers, your iPhone or iPad will be a few seconds frozen and it will reboot. You can see this in the following video:


although obviously not it is something that will affect us, because it is impossible to make this combination of keystrokes by mistake, Yes, they can play a joke on us by telling us to do this combination of keys to activate some iPhone trick. Something that will be totally false, and the only thing it will do is restart the device. It is because of that It is better to be forewarned and let us know what it is so that we do not get a surprise if we are the target of this joke or deception that can be seen on unreliable non-existent cheat websites.

Did you know this bug that we see on our iPhone? Have you tried doing it yourself to see if it's true? Leave us in the comment box everything you think about this phenomenon.