A Bluetooth vulnerability could allow tracking of iOS and macOS devices — 2022

Bluetooth connectivity is affecteddue to important security vulnerabilities as revealed by an investigation by the University of Boston collected by the media ZDNet . This vulnerability would allow any savvy hacker identify and track Apple and Microsoft electronic devices , freeing those devices that integrate Android from this security problem. All Bluetooth devices emit an address that is detected by another device in order to track and connect. For security this MAC address varies randomly but now it seems that a serious problem has been found in this aspect.

The Bluetooth connection affected by a security problem

According to the study you can consult here , all Bluetooth devices use public channels to announce their presence to other devices, but in order to avoid monitoring, this channel is modified. Now it has been detected that any hacker can extract identification tokens that would allow tracking of devices even if the MAC address of these Bluetooth devices changes.

The fact that the token ID and MAC address do not change in sync allows anyone within range of the device to access activity on the device as long as you have Windows 10, iOS, or macOS. Without a doubt, we are facing a serious problem that would threaten our privacy if, unfortunately, we find ourselves in the range of a hacker with sufficient knowledge.

The person accessing the activity on our device would be undetectable and in no time you would know what you are doing by not having to break the Bluetooth security. We hope that in the future Apple will apply the recommendations specified in the aforementioned document to avoid privacy problems when using our iPhone or Mac. It should be remembered that this is not aiPhone bluetooth problemas such, but is something undetectable to the user.

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