Are 9 Mac models on the way? — 2022

Leaks and rumors about new Apple products are always the order of the day. In this case we want to talk to you about Apple computers, since according to a leak, the Cupertino company would be testing up to 9 different Mac models in parallel. Keep reading that we tell you all the details below.

These are the new models

That the gear of the Cupertino company does not rest is obvious, and it is that while we are writing these lines, new products, concepts and innovations at the software level are being cooked in the Cupertino offices. Well, information has recently become known about the Mac models that Apple has in mind to present in a short period of time. In fact, the news comes because internal developer records have indicated that there are up to nine different models that are already being tested with the next generation of Apple Silicon, that is, with the new M2 chips.

macbook air concept

And that is another piece of news, since this indicates that the M2 chip is now closer than ever to being presented, obviously together with one of these nine computer models that the Cupertino company is testing. Being such a large number of computers and, obviously, knowing the rumors about the possible new models that will come to light, it is more or less easy to predict which are these nine models that Apple is currently working with, we leave them below .

    MacBook Airwith M2 chip. This new Apple laptop will not only have the M2 as a novelty, but will be accompanied by a complete redesign, perhaps one of the largest seen to date in this model. Mac miniwith M2 and with M2 Pro. In the same way as with the MacBook Air, but on a smaller scale, this hypothetical Mac mini will also bring novelties at an aesthetic level. MacBook Prowith M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. In this case we are talking about the two models corresponding to the MacBook Pro, that is, the 14-inch and 16-inch ones that, from the outset, do not seem to have any major novelties. Mac Pro, which will be accompanied by the successor to the M1 Ultra chip.

Mac mini 2020 M1 Apple

In addition to these new Mac models, references have also been found within this registry to tests that Apple is carrying out with a Mac mini with M1 Pro chip and even another Mac mini with M1 Max chip . We really do not know the intentions that the Cupertino company may have with these tests, but what it can make clear is that the Mac mini has a lot to say with these upcoming renovations.

Date of presentation

Obviously, after hearing this news, all users are waiting to know the date chosen by Apple for the presentation of these new products. Well, unfortunately there is nothing confirmed, and although in a few weeks we will have the WWDC It seems unlikely that Apple decides to present a new computer within an event that, in theory, is always focused on developers.

WWDC 2022

What is clear is that the Cupertino company will be distributing these releases over time, and almost certainly we will see them from the end of 2022 to the middle of 2023, so from here we call for the patience of all those users who are looking forward to any of these mentioned models.