7 reasons to use a VPN on iPhone, iPad and Mac — 2022

You have probably heard of VPNs before. It is even very possible that someone has recommended you to use one to surf the Internet. But, what exactly is a VPN? Does it really offer worthwhile advantages? Are they easy to install on devices like an iPhone? Keep reading, because in this article we will answer these and other questions so that you have no doubts about it.

What is it and what are its main advantages?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. That is, virtual private network. Its broader definition would require overly technical and complex explanations that may not provide much to resolve your doubts. Therefore, what you should know is that it is a internet connection type that will allow you to navigate in the same way as with a WiFi or mobile data network as you do now on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

These connections are achieved through a series of protocols offered by some applications designed for this purpose. Both for visual and practical purposes, you will not notice that you are browsing a VPN. But does it make sense then to use it? Yes, since the experience is much more complete and you can get many benefits . The main ones and the ones that will surely interest you the most are these:

    Greater security and privacy, since the VPN They have a more advanced security system than the networks that are normally used, with encryption that will prevent the tracking of websites and the use of your data for purposes that are not always entirely lawful. Browse faster, both when accessing websites and when uploading streaming content, downloading files or using apps that depend on the Internet. Even updating your devices can be faster if a good VPN is used. Enjoy series and movies that are not in Spain. Platforms like Netflix and HBO have a catalog in the United States that is even broader than what we have in our country. With a VPN it is possible to connect to the internet as if you were in that region, without having to change any settings on your device.


    Download geo-blocked filesand it is likely that on some occasion you have tried to download a file and you have encountered a limitation due to your location. As in the previous case, using a VPN as if you were browsing from another country will help you download everything without problems. This is very common with torrent files. get cheaper travel. Yes, you read it right. You can find plane tickets and even accommodation at a lower price if you connect virtually from another country and you will be surprised to see the differences in money that exist between hiring the same ticket from one country than from another. cheaper shoppingAnd it is not only in relation to travel that you can save money. There are thousands of products of all kinds that are sold online with different prices depending on the country and with a VPN you can access to buy it cheaper and even enjoy the special offers that are available on other sites. Exclusive functions of some appsand it is that continuing with the above, there are many that require you to connect from another country to be able to enjoy certain content. With a VPN you can access all the extras of the applications, as well as those of other online services that also limit their tools depending on the country.

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The fastest and most efficient VPN on Apple devices

Seeing that the advantages offered by VPNs are so sweet, we can find numerous applications that offer this service. However, few offer reliability as high as NordVPN . If you've already heard of these services, it's more than likely that this app sounds familiar to you as it's one of the most used on all kinds of devices, especially on Apple's iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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NordVPN offers all kinds of tools that guarantee that we will be able to enjoy those advantages that we mentioned before, with other additions such as the fastest on the market according to recent studies conducted by AVTEST experts. Also at the level of Privacy stands out for having undergone two audits confirming its no-logs policy. And yes, she is also one of the more secure by not having disks and RAM memories on their servers in which your data can be stored, so neither the developers of the app nor third parties can access your data.

How to save money by downloading NordVPN

Like any good service worth its salt, more in this type of tool, NordVPN is paid. However, there are so many advantages that we find that we believe it is totally worth it, especially if we take into account that now they have a special offer this summer with which you can pay less to use it. Specifically, they are offering a 72% discount in its 2-year plan with which you will only pay 2.64 euros per month and to which they add 3 months free.

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Once you download NordVPN you can start enjoying it thanks to its quick start that includes a simple guide to get to know the highlights of its interface. We remember that it is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac so you can enjoy it in any of them and even in all three simultaneously if you have all of them.