52% of users would return to iOS 10 — 2022

In a survey conducted on our account Twitter , almost 6,000 users have voted on whether they would return to iOS 10 if they could.

The results are very tight, where the reasons why would go back to the previous version of iOS 11 .

Most of the complaints are about autonomy problems battery life on older computers and poor device performance.

iOS 11 likes it, but it's not convincing

The novelties that iOS 11 incorporates are liked by most users, but not performance that this exerts on devices such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The main reason is repeated in the survey responses, we remember that they are autonomy and performance.

Other users report the same issue on newer devices like the iPhone 7. The iPhone 8 and X are saved , although there are certain users who complain about some lags when using these last generation terminals.


The iOS 11 operating system incorporates many new features that make it very interesting , but it is true that battery problems is a big problem for most of the users.

The new beta versions that are available, announce a slight improvement over these problems , so we will have to trust the updates that Apple is implementing in them, and in the developers who help with their feedback to solve it as soon as possible.


Adaptation to iOS 11 is growing at a good pace, according to Apple data. Now it remains to be hoped that they reach at least the level of iOS 10 on older equipment, (which is where the surveyed users complain the most).

And you do you think? Would you go back to iOS 10 if you could? We want to know your experience with iOS 10 and 11