5 very useful charging accessories for your Apple devices — 2022

You have asked us to recommend a series of accessories or gadgets interesting for your devices, both for iPhone, iPad or Mac, so we have decided to start with some charging accessories .

This week, we have selected a few that we have been testing and that really they work very well , besides being useful and quite practical.

Some of them are in offer for a limited time, so if you hurry, you can get some even at a better price.

Qi wireless charging receiver

iPhone wireless charging adapter

This sticker allows us to have wireless induction charging on any iPhone that has a lightning input , that is, the charging input used from the iPhone 5 to the current iPhone X.

Its operation is simple, we connect it, we put the chip on the back and we hide it with our casing . From that moment, you can already charge your iPhone with any charger with Qi standard.

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fast wireless charger

fast wireless charger

This fast wireless or induction charging device seems to us to be one of the most interesting we have seen for several reasons. First for its minimalist design, second for its good performance and third for its double coil that allows us a fast charge and also put our iPhone in horizontal mode.

It serves both for iPhone 8 and X and it is also compatible with the wireless charging receiver that we have presented above.

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Wireless car charger

wireless travel charger

Well, now that we have our wireless induction charging in our home, we will also need our own in our car , especially for long trips or even on short journeys where we have left home with low battery.

This charger has very good ratings and reviews, as well as being suitable for all iPhones. Its tweezers design in three points , guarantee us a fastening at all times, so we can travel on any terrain without distractions.

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Charging dock for iPad Pro

Here we find a design charging base, with good finishes, aluminum material and a very Apple-style design. This logitech charging cradle , it is designed so that we can have our 12.9 or 9.7″ iPad Pro in a horizontal position while charging its battery.

It works with the same cable that our iPad incorporates, the Lightning . So we don't need to buy or search for a microUSB cable. Its price may be a bit high, but we are delighted with this base, as well as offering a very minimalist workspace.

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Vertical strip with UBS inputs

Surely this is Crown jewel . This power strip should be on every home and professional desk. With it, in addition to having 8 plug sockets and 6 USB ports, we are sure that our devices will not suffer any type of problem in the event of an electrical problem.

Both the construction materials and its functionality make it an essential accessory for us. In addition, we will not save plugs thanks to its 6 USB ports , where we can charge the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Watch, the iPod, a Nintendo Switch and still have room for other devices.

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more accessories

If you have been wanting more, we recommend that you visit this post where we show you 5 very interesting accessories for your iPad . Where you will enter from a game controller to an ultra-portable and waterproof keyboard.

What do you think of these accessories? Have you bought any?