5 positive and 5 negative aspects of Apple's new Mac — 2022

Apple promised in theWWDC 2020launch your firstMac with Apple Siliconbefore the end of the year. And she lied, but she lied for good. Not only is a Mac going to be launched with the company's own chips, but there will be three that will be put up for sale next week. These teams, like almost everything in life, are full of contrasts and that is why in this article we will briefly tell you the most outstanding positive and negative aspects of these teams.

Three new Macs were introduced

Before carrying out the task of analyzing the negative and positive parts, we want to give you some background. Yesterday Apple introduced a Mac mini, aMacBook Air Late 2020and a2020 MacBook Pro 13″. All of them, despite their differences in design and some hardware components, incorporate the chip M1. This is the first own processor that the Cupertino company adds to a computer and that on paper points very high, even surpassing the Intel chips that Macs have carried so far.

Bad is not so bad, right?

Depending on how objectively you look at things, there are times when it is more difficult to get negative things than positive ones. The case of these Macs, in our opinion, is that offer many more positive things . In fact, we could say that the worst of these new Macs does not overshadow the entire product, but it is no less remarkable that there are some aspects that could have been improved.

    Same design on all three teams. Although it must be recognized that the design of these three teams was already very refined before, with quality materials and adjusted to a premium product, the truth is that it was perhaps expected that the internal change would also be accompanied by an external one. In the case of MacBooks, especially in the 'Pro' model, a reduction in screen bezels was expected, equating it to the 16-inch model, thus having a 14-inch panel in the same body. 720p camera in full 2020.Yes, in the midst of the videoconferencing era we still have an HD camera on Macs. It doesn't look bad, although it depends on the light, but it is clear that this resolution is already outdated and even more so when we have already seen equipment like the iMac 2020 27-inch with a 1,080p FaceTime camera. Only two USB-C connectors.That this standard is present and future is beyond any doubt. We have even been able to overcome the fact that they do not additionally include USB-A, however we cannot be entirely satisfied when observing that the versions with Apple Silicon in the MacBook will have a maximum of two connectors without being able to add more, thus forcing buy a hub for a multitude of users. App compatibility.It is true that developers already have enough tools to transfer the code of their applications to Apple Silicon, but it will be inevitable that at first there will be many incompatible with these computers. They do not have support for external graphics.It is not known for sure if this problem can be solved in the future at the software level, but the truth is that the ARM architecture does not currently support compatibility with external graphics cards.

The best of Apple's new Macs

Although complete analyzes of each device will come, at first we have to trust the data shown by Apple. And as we already advanced in the previous section, these look very good and are a good guarantee that Apple has worked well on the first own processors for Mac. Here are the aspects that have caught our attention most positively.

    Power and speed in abundance.Apple got 'tired' of offering figures and percentages regarding the higher rates of speed and power of its new Macs. If this is true, it will be a jug of cold water for the competition, since they are far above them. Much greater autonomy.One of the advantages offered by Apple being the one who designs the software and hardware is being able to better optimize resources. The jump in autonomy in the MacBook Air and Pro is beastly and probably even the same batteries are being used as in previous generations. macOS Big Sur and native apps. Although before we commented that there would be many applications still not optimized, with the native ones the opposite happens. Whether they are simple apps like Photos or advanced ones like Final Cut, these are more than ready to run very smoothly on Macs with Apple Silicon. macOS 11 Big Sur generally works flawlessly as well. iPhone and iPad apps on a Mac.Apple already announced some of this months ago and yesterday it was confirmed that it would be easy to run third-party applications designed for iPhone and iPad on a Mac. Connection with 6K screens.Although there were already Macs that allowed good integration with external screens with 6K resolution, now it is the entire range that allows it. It is also expected that this will already be a standard for all new Macs that arrive from now on with Apple Silicon.

Comparison M1 with PC

many unknowns

Despite all this, there are still many unknowns to be resolved and they will have their answer in the coming days and weeks when we can be analyzing these products. One of them is the fact that all these teams allow 'only' to install one 6 GB of RAM maximum , since at first, comparing it with versions of Intel chips, it is a small capacity to say the least, however we remain pending performance analysis to check if, as with the iPhone, Macs with Apple Silicon can perform better with less amount of RAM. Therefore, we invite you to stay tuned to this medium to be able to learn more in detail about everything new that the M1 chip and its successive generations that will come in these years will bring us.