47 years of lock on the iPhone after repeatedly entering the unlock code wrong — 2022

In the iPhone we have different security systems to protect the content of this from hands other than ours. The most recognized right now are the Touch ID and Face ID , although a PIN is also present in case these methods fail. What happens when you repeatedly enter the wrong PIN? That the iPhone is blocked for a while until you can try again, and the iPhone that we are going to comment on in this post has been blocked by 47 years.

An iPhone locked for 47 years, is it possible?

This unfortunate event has occurred after a mother left the iPhone to her son without supervision. He repeatedly entered the wrong PIN code and everything has been referred to a locked terminal for 47 years until the PIN code can be entered again to access it.

Why is Apple putting these timeouts when we make mistakes X times when entering our PIN? Basically to prevent anyone with a lot of free time from revealing the combination of, for example, four numbers, since if we try different combinations, we will end up getting it right in the end.

This middle child has the wrong code so many times that it has come to block the device for 47 years, although it is not the worst case that has been seen, since iPhones have been seen with an 80-year blockade.

The solution is clear: either you wait 47 years or format the iPhone losing all the information on it , but you will be able to access the terminal eventually. If you don't want to format it, then you'll have a nice paperweight for almost half a century.

From all this we conclude that we must be careful with whom we leave our device to because we can find a scare like this, and if we do not have any backup in iCloud then we will have lost a large amount of information.