3 differences between Google Maps and Apple Maps — 2022

Choosing a GPS navigator to guide you, whether it is because you are walking in a new city, you have to go somewhere by bicycle, take public transport or simply drive to a marked destination, is always a dilemma that the vast majority of users have. The two kings in this regard are Google Maps and Apple Maps, two applications that have many points in common, but also differ in several important aspects. That is exactly what we are going to talk about in this post, about three differences between these two services.

Google Maps and Apple Maps are not the same

As we said, surely the vast majority of users use one of these twoGPS navigatorsto be able to guide themselves, or at least, surely at some point in their lives they have used them. Is about the two most popular apps in this sector, since the service they offer is really good regardless of the means of transport you use. In fact, the services they provide go beyond being a mere browser, since in them you can find a lot of information about different places, thus being a perfect complement to travel or simply to move around a city.


However, despite the fact that at first they may seem to be very similar, and they are, they have different characteristics and peculiarities that differentiate one from the other and that, obviously, we consider that you have to know in order to choose the one that best suits you. your needs. Here are three differences between Google Maps and Apple Maps.

  • The first and big difference between these two applications is compatibility of both with the different operating systems. As you might expect, the Google application in this sense takes the prize, since it is fully compatible with both iOS devices and Android devices, so all users have the opportunity to use it on their different terminals. However, the same does not happen with the Apple app, since it is only available to users who have a device from the Cupertino company.
  • The display of the mapsIt is something very important in this type of application, and in this case the one who takes the prize is the Apple app. The Cupertino company offers users different alternatives when it comes to seeing the route and the maps of the different cities, something in which Google Maps is behind. In fact, the Apple Maps Flyover option allows users to have an aerial view of the entire city and be able to move around it from their iPhone.

Flyover Apple Maps

  • If the visualization of the maps is important, it is equally or more important the accuracy of the data offered by both applications. Although the two behave very well, Google Maps is one step above, since after all it has all the information that exists within the search engine itself. In addition, Google Maps does not have to use information from other applications, something that Apple Maps does have to do.