The MacBook Pro 2021 are delayed, when will they be ready? — 2022

Almost 4 months ago Apple launched its new computers with ARM processors designed by themselves, so the company is fully focused on the development of the next generation. These would bring important changes, although their launch could have been delayed if we analyze what is said in the latest reports close to the supply chain. When will Apple launch its new MacBooks then? We analyze it.

Two new MacBooks by the end of the year

At the beginning of the year, the always prolific analyst Ming-Chi Kuo commented that Apple had planned the launch of two new MacBook Pros. These were going to go into production in the month of May and although the deadlines would make the possible presentation at WWDC 2021 was very risky, the truth is that it was not completely ruled out. However, the latest known reports suggest that they have suffered a delay that will make it the following month, in June, when they enter the factory.

MacBook new design concept

Therefore, it is completely ruled out that these new computers could be seen at an event before the summer. Taking into account that the new iPhone and Apple Watch would be presented in September or October at the latest, it is not ruled out that the computers were presented at the same event. Although another possibility is that the company already makes it a tradition to hold a special event focused on Macs as it did last year. Be that as it may, we would not see the new MacBook Pro on the market until the end of the year.

Possible features they will have

No real images or renders have emerged that show a sure way of what the new laptops will be like, but it is said that they will have a form factor similar to that of the iPad Pro. One of them would be 16 inches, while the other would be 14 and it would replace the current 13.3-inch MacBook Pro, although it would possibly do so in a very similar size as it happened in its day when it went from 15 to 16 inches in the large model.

As far as the chip is concerned, it is expected to incorporate an M2 or any other improved version of the current M1. The most striking thing is that these computers would bring back some ports that were removed in the past, such as HDMI, the card reader and perhaps even the MagSafe, although it is not entirely clear how the latter would return. As for the screen, they could incorporate miniLED panels, although it is not entirely clear due to conflicting reports in this regard.

macbook pro 2021 concept

And what about the MacBook Air?

the brand newMacBook Air with M1It is probably being the great surprise of the latest generation of Apple computers due to its performance very similar to that of the 'Pro'. It is expected that in its next renovation it will incorporate an improved version of the current M1 chip, although it is not expected to incorporate aesthetic novelties. It would already be the 2022 model that would inherit the changes from the higher-end models, while this 2021 would bring a design similar to the current one and would be launched on dates similar to those of the others.