$17,000 for the iMac Pro with the best specs — 2022

during the past WWDC 17 , Apple announced the new iMac Pro among other news . After a long wait, it seems that Apple paid attention to the request of many professional users, who saw how the company seemed to have abandoned them.

The new iMac Pro will arrive at the end of the year , and at a price of 5 thousand dollars base , although we remember that it is a professional team. As with all Apple computers, the user can adjust specs of the same to obtain in this way the most suitable model for your needs. Although the official prices of the different variants are not yet known, from ZDNet They assure that its price would climb to 17 thousand dollars .

Space Gray iMac Pro model

Which iMac Pro do we get for $5K?

The model cheaper offers the following specifications:

  • 27-inch 5K screen
  • 8-core Intel Xeon processor
  • RAM Memory 32 GB of ECC DDR4 memory at 2,666 MHz
  • 1TB SSD storage
  • Radeon Pro Vega 56 graphics processor with 8GB of HBM2 memory

And if we want the most powerful model, what do we get for 17 thousand dollars?

If we decide to acquire the most powerful model that Apple will offer, we will get an iMac Pro that will surely meet the needs of the most demanding professional.

As for the processor, Apple will offer as a cap a Intel Xeon 18 cores with an additional cost to the basic model of $4,000 .

Starting from the 32 GB of the base model, we can equip the iMac Pro with up to 128 GB , being the additional cost of about $2,700 .

graphics processor
The most basic option of iMac Pro offers a Radeon Pro Vega 56 graphics card with 8 GB of HBM2 memory, although if the user requires superior graphics processing, they can opt for a card Pro Vega 16GB HBM2 with a cost of 2000 dollars additional.

With a starting capacity of a 1TB SSD, iMac Pro can be equipped with up to 4TB of capacity, this is possible by adding $3,600 at the starting price.

If we add each of these additional characteristics, we will obtain a iMac Pro of approximately 17 thousand dollars With the following specifications:

  • 27-inch 5K screen
  • 18-core Intel Xeon processor
  • RAM Memory 128 GB of ECC DDR4 memory at 2,666 MHz
  • 4TB SSD storage
  • Radeon Pro Vega 16GB HBM2 graphics processor

Top view of iMac Pro with its accessories

It is important to remember that, although the price seems extremely high, this iMac Pro is not aimed at the general public but at professional users with a high degree of demand. Regarding the prices, Apple has not released official figures. , so ZDNet obtains these after analyzing the different components and their market price.