164 applications have entered a million dollars in the App Store in 2018 — 2022

2018 is about to end and it is time to study certain reports that review everything that has happened this year. One of these studies is that of SensorTower that has collected information about the amount of money applications have brought in this year. In the App Store, 164 apps have entered more than a million dollars, most of these video games that, although they can be free to download in-app purchases, make revenues increase like foam.

These data are quite interesting as they reveal that there has been an 18% increase in the number of these applications that have entered more than one million euros with respect to the year 2017.

The revenue of the App Store is far from that of Google Play

It is inevitable not to compare these data with those of the rival store: Google Play. The graph attached by SensorTower shows us that this year in the Android app store a total of 88 applications have managed to enter more than one million dollars in the US. There is a quite significant difference between both stores of the fifty% , with the iOS store being the dominant one.

App Store Revenue

SensorTower has also published data regarding the category of these apps that have achieved the milestone of entering a million dollars throughout this year. It's no surprise find that video games occupy the number one position because they incorporate numerous in-app purchases that, after all, are an important source of income for developers and that they continue to stimulate day by day.

In addition to the games, l Lifestyle and education apps have also seen exciting growth . The CEO of SensorTower has stated the following:

The categories with the highest year-over-year growth in terms of numbers among those who have achieved one million dollars are: lifestyle and health and wellness. There is a strong focus on generating revenue through in-app subscriptions, especially in fitness tracking apps, meditation...

App Store Revenue category apps google play

There is a noticeable difference between the Google Play and the App Store when it comes to these million dollar apps. In the Android store the vast majority are games but in the App Store it is much more diversified in various categories, health being a very important block.

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