15 years after the first iPod, why has Apple forgotten about it? — 2022

It has been 15 years since Steve Jobs introduced the first iPod, which was a revolution in the world of music and a change of habits in a society that was used to CDs and Walkmans that many of us had in our hands not long ago.

Until a few years ago, this music player from the Apple firm was still alive , but today, we can consider it as dead in the depths of our drawers due to the little use we have given it, and the abandonment by Apple. In this article I invite you to reflect with me on the reasons that have led us to put the iPod in our drawers and not use it.

15 years since the first iPod

It seems like only yesterday that Steve Jobs brought us a little closer to the world of music with the arrival of the iPod, but 15 years have passed since then. October 23, 2001 , when Steve Jobs told us about his musical revolution. For lovers of this genius of innovation and technology, you will surely like to see a fragment of this presentation, which I leave you in the following video.

It was unimaginable that in a device as small and simple as an iPod we could introduce the themes of our favorite singer-songwriters , with a capacity of 5 GB (1000 songs) and an autonomy of 10 hours, in which we would enjoy our favorite songs while traveling on the bus or taking a long trip. Here began the end of the CDs.

What has changed in these 15 years?

Who sees someone using an iPod these days? Hardly anyone, or dare I even say no one. What has happened in these 15 years for us to put the iPod in our drawers?

First was the arrival of the iPhone in 2007 and the possibility of playing music on this device that fulfilled the same functions as an iPod and that over time has ended up burying the music player of the company with the bitten apple. The last iPod presented was the Touch generation, and we already saw how it was the same as an iPhone except that phone calls could not be made.

In addition to the arrival of the iPhone we have seen in recent years the emergence of numerous streaming music platforms such as Spotify or Apple's own service, Apple Music. It can be said that this was what ended up defeating the iPod, taking away any type of utility in our day to day life, and its oblivion for the youngest in the technological world.

In my opinion I think that everything has its stage , with its beginning and its end. The iPod had its time, very important, since without this device we would not have had the iPhone, since this was a mix between the iPod with Internet access and being able to make calls, but the general idea of ​​the iPhone was based on the iPod as we saw in the 2007 presentation.

Although we only have this music player in mind, veterans of the technological world, we should not let the youngest fall into the ignorance of knowing of its existence.

Did you have an iPod in your hands? What do you think about the forgetfulness that Apple is having in the world? I hope to be able to read your opinions on this subject in the comment box, and to be able to debate among all the reasons that have led Apple to discard this product.