11 days at the door of an Apple Store to buy the iPhone 8 — 2022

Already, many of you have opened this article simply to see who has been the daring buyer who has been 11 days waiting at the door of an Apple Store to purchase the new iPhone 8.

Well, the explanation is simple, it is a youtuber what did he want be the first to show iPhone 8 on your channel . To do this, she spent 11 days in an Apple Store in Australia, where the first impressions were not too significant.

It would not have been necessary for him to stay so many nights, not even one, since at opening time, there were less than 30 people to buy the new iPhone 8. The same thing happened in other countries, including Spain.

Our friend's first impressions


It's pretty similar to the iPhone 7, but it does 4K video at 60 frames per second and has a new black glass back.

The truth that draws a lot of attention that a user is so long out in the open to get a new iPhone , where they are currently served by a scrupulous online reservation system. A few years ago it was normal to see the endless queues of users who wanted to have the new Apple device.

Now it doesn't make much sense, unless you apply it like in I.T.V. of the car, that you go very early without booking an appointment, with the hope that there will be a place for you. In this case an iPhone of a client who has not come on time.

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Initially, the adoption of online reservations were criticized , especially by the most purist, but without a doubt it is one of the best decisions to avoid wasting time in a queue for hours (or days).

Still, it is true that the illusion of share experiences with other lovers of the brand is something interesting. Even though we have an appointment booked to pick up our new iPhone, we can go ahead of time and emulate the good old days of sunrises at the Apple Store with other enthusiasts.

Have you spent a few nights waiting for the launch of some Apple device? Would you do it with the iPhone X? Any anecdote you can tell us?