10 hidden features you didn't know about in iOS 10 — 2022

We have been 2 weeks since the presentation of iOS 10 in the framework of WWDC 2016 . And after testing it for a while, we are going to collect in this article all those functions that Apple did not tell us in the presentation .

Surely you have gone from listening to music and wanting to take a picture. When you did this, the playback stopped, because now with iOS 10 this does not happen.

Play a video in Safari

Until iOS 9, when we played a video in Safari, it would go full screen and we couldn't continue browsing. From now on when you make a pinch on it we can minimize it and continue playing it while we browse the page.

where have you parked

If you use Maps to go somewhere with your car, at the time of parking the application will save the place where you have done it . When you return to it, the application will notify you of the location where it is.

Optimize space in Apple Music

If you have a device with little capacity, and you have enough music downloaded from Apple Music , with this option you can recover space. For this you must go to:
Settings > Music > Optimize storage and activate this option.

In this way, if iOS 10 detects that you are running low on space, it will remove from your device the music that you listen to the least.

New 3D Touch features

Although some have shown them in the presentation, others have not. And if you have a device with 3D Touch you can enjoy them.
For example if you press on the flashlight in the Control Panel you can choose the intensity of it .

If you click on the close button, on the notifications, you will see the option to delete all .
If you click on the icon Settings , you will see an access to Mobile Data. As well as Bluetooth, WiFi and Battery.
As a tip, you can try on each native application and you will surely find many more.

sleep mode

Now in the Clock application you will find a new function Lie . Thanks to this function, we only have to tell it how many hours we want to sleep, what time we should wake up and the application will notify you when it is time to go to bed. It will also monitor your sleep cycle.

Unsubscribe from a mailing list

The new Mail app now detects emails that come from advertising sites and at the top of the email you will see an access that will allow you unsubscribe easily and avoid annoying emails .

New keyboard sound

It may not be something really relevant, but now when typing in the iOS 10 keyboard you will notice a more pleasant sound.

Insecure Wi-Fi Notice

A new feature that will help us navigate more safely. When you connect to a Wi-Fi network that Apple considers unsafe (usually public or business networks), you'll see a notice alerting you to this.

Read receipt in iMessage

Previously between settings iMessage we found the option read confirmation . If you turned this on, the change affected all messages.
Now you can choose which contacts will have the read notification and which will not.

Surely there are many other functions that we will discover as the weeks go by. If you know any other interesting function, I invite you to share it in the comments section.